Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1What are some of the ways I can use UpRight Cards?
Being so new, there are probably ways yet undiscovered! Here are some of the ways you could use UpRight Cards:
microDisplays (business-card size)
Instead-of-Business cards! (They’re the same size so they’ll fit into your wallet or pocket or purse.)
Table invitations (Custom-printed for a trade show or other event. Put one at every seat at a business conference to invite people to your booth.)
Hide-the-Mascot Contest (Hide them on retail shelves or other places you want your customers to look for them.)
Announcement-size Custom and standard shapes, including:
Save the Date! (wedding engagements) Heart, Seashell
We’ve Moved! Coffee-to-go cup
Graduation Announcements Snowglobe
Dessert menu (restaurant table-tops) Beverage and bottle
Greeting-card size  
Seasons Greetings Snowglobe
Merry Christmas! Wreath
Mini-brochure Cathedral indow (half-round)
Line card  
Trading-card size  
Trading cards! Rectangle or custom shape
Automobile Car at ¾ view
Team Schedule Team Mascot-shaped
Book Cover Tilted Book
Oversized instead-of-business cards. Custom shape
2I’d rather talk to a human about my questions, instead of reading FAQs.
Sure! Please call us on +1 (360) 357-1000 anytime! (But the office is staffed 9 am – 5 pm Pacific Time.)
When you call, we’ll be happy to …
  • answer any questions,
  • take a look at your mascot or other image you’re considering using,
  • talk about making a protected web store for your brand (limiting access to authorized members of your company)
  • suggest how to make best use of your image (whether to include the full image or maybe zoom in on part, background color choices, etc.)
  • send you samples
3Can I get samples?

Sure! Do you want samples of other users’ UpRight Cards, or would you like us to make a sample using your mascot?

We’ll be happy to mail to you – at no charge – physical samples of cards we made for ourselves or other customers (we have permission!).

When you plan to order UpRight Cards, we’ll custom design the shape, size and graphics based on your mascot or other brand image. Then we’ll email you the design, showing at actual size the shape, cut and fold lines and graphics. Before we begin, you’ll confirm that you’re happy with the shape, size and graphic design.

4How long will it take to receive my UpRight Cards if I order today?

If the shape and size you want is already in our shop, you’ll get your card in about a week!

For a new shape or size, it takes about three weeks to produce cards once you approve the shape and graphic design.

If you represent a brand (a company or organization that will be ordering personalized cards for several or several thousand users) we’ll customize a web store so that

During that time we’ll customize your web

5Do I have to design it myself?

‘Course not! That’s what we do!

If you’d like to take a shot at designing it yourself, we’ll guide you over the phone. But since we design for FREE, why bother?

Just call us on +1 (360) 357-1000 x7 or click here to get our conversation started.

6Do you have to use a mascot?

Positive mascots usually work best because they are nearly universally liked, easily relatable and bring personality to your marketing. Mascots are a marketer’s secret weapon. A mascot helps any company prove that it’s original.

But if you don’t have one, maybe it’s time to consider developing one.

Or, let’s find another image that your prospects and customers love.

7What if my company doesn’t have a mascot?
Two answers:
  1. Get one! We can help.
  2. Find another image that your prospects and customers love. Generally it won’t be a logo, but an action shot of someone using your product. Examples:
Your Product Potential Image
Carabiners A mountain climber reaching for the next handhold
Breakfast cereal Happy child with a spoon moving toward an eager mouth
Books Cover and author portrait
Perfume A rose in bloom
Dating Service A hand offering a rose
Boats Rocking base, your boat, oversize image of captain on bridge
Road Paving Steam roller, coming toward viewer
8What if I don’t want to use my portrait? Or my mascot?

Many people who use business cards find that including their portrait makes it easier for their prospects and customers to remember them. Around here, we agree, and our own cards have our portraits on them.

But if you don’t wanna, you don’t hafta! For most of our brand customers, the customized storefronts are read with layouts both with and without individual portraits.

9What does it cost to have custom UpRight Cards made?
Price depends on:
  1. the physical size of your UpRight Cards
  2. how many sets of cards you’ll need and
  3. cost of shipping.

We ship all over the world. Shipping costs range from as little as $10 per order in the United States to $40 or more to Japan or Europe.

Here are some ballpark starting prices for UpRight Cards in various sizes:

Size Price 
microDisplays (business-card size) 500 - $ .39 each 1,000 - $ .29 each
Trading Card 250 - $ .49 each 1,000 - $ .39 each
Announcement 100 - $ 1.99 each 200 - $ 1.69 each
Greeting Card 100 - $ 2.49 each 200 - $ 2.19 each

Prices include FREE graphic design, customization with your selected words, colors and graphics, with high-gloss UV coating on one side, cut to your specified shape. UpRight Cards are printed on high quality 16 pt or 14 pt white card stock. Shipping and optional stock upgrades additional.

Discounts are available for high-volume purchases or brands with frequent purchases.

10Do we need to pay for tooling or dies or set-up?

Generally there is no separate charge for tooling.

If your organization needs more than three sets of cards and the shape we make for you will potentially be of use to us for another customer, then we’ll both design your UpRight Cards AND pay for the tooling. No extra charge!