What is an UpRight Card™?

UpRight Card™ microDisplays are simple and inexpensive promotional products, shaped like your mascot, that stand up for your business like a bobblehead – but for about half the cost of a postage stamp!

Everyone is amused by ceramic bobbleheads, stuffed toys and stress balls, but they just cost too much to give to anyone and everyone who might become a business prospect.

Unlike pens, key fobs or business cards, which have a very short life these days, UpRight Cards don’t typically get tossed in a drawer – or worse. Instead, they immediately get put on display on countertops, desks and bookshelves and are shared with colleagues and friends.

UpRight Cards engage your prospects with your brand.

Designed with a proprietary series of cuts and scores, UpRight Cards stand up for you and your business like nothing else. People love them … especially if they like your mascot or other brand image.

Custom-shaped and designed in compliance with brand standards, they engage prospects better than any other promotional product in or above their price category. These patent-pending devices are available only to organizations that use a brand mascot or other popular trademark image in their positioning and marketing.

Used alone as a promotional product or integrated into a campaign that includes a mobile app and augmented reality programming, UpRight Cards help your customers and prospects to become your fans and co-promoters.

Many Sizes

Sizes range from about 2” x 3” (business card) to collector/trading (60 mm x 85 mm) to invitation and greeting card formats.

Shapes are unlimited, customized to feature your mascot or other image, with special features that enable the card to stand up on its own, either in a fixed position or with the capability to be rocked side to side.

How does it work?

UpRight Cards boost your brand* better and for less money than any other promotional product.

* Via your brand mascot or other image.



"It gets people to have a little fun. This card puts prospects at ease so I can tell the rest of the story. It's a foot-in-the-door strategy."

~Tim Evans
Fort Worth, Texas, USA
Marketing Services

Breaks the Ice

“It’s the best ice breaker ever! People are astonished by the card; it’s a way to promote the whole business!”

~ Lori Sauser
Rapid City, South Dakota, USA
Real Estate and Local Media

More Appointments

“The cards are well received. They get conversations going, and conversations are what lead to new business.”

~ Alastair Gillespie
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Local Advertising

Get the Sale

“At [a retailer], putting the UpRight Card on the desk began a conversation that otherwise looked like it wouldn’t get anywhere. Thirty minutes later he signed a contract with me.”

~ Jerry Cummings
Portland, Oregon, USA
Payment Processing Services